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     If you are looking for an unforgettable Middle Eastern or International dance show for an upcoming production or event, you will discover Sahlala Dancers to be a high quality, spectacular experience.  Based out of Los Angeles, CA, on the indigenous land the Tongva and Chumash native tribes, The Sahlala Dancers are one of the original international dance companies in the state. Often imitated but never duplicated, they have been capturing the imagination of audiences since 1999.


Founded by the internationally renowned Superstar of Bellydance, Jillina, this award-winning company is unrivaled in its authenticity and ingenuity. Now under the direction of Jill Collins, a long time Assistant Director of Sahlala, Jill brings an eye of classical elegance with her background in concert dance.


Having been featured on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars" and "Keeping up with the Kardashian's" and theatrical productions with “Bellydance Evolution” the Sahlala Dancers have a mass appeal that captivates all audiences alike. Our elaborate costumes, which are a blend of tradition, glamour and elegance, combine with the professional skill level of our dancers to make the entire show experience a feast for the eyes and ears. Think Las Vegas meets the Middle East.  


They’ll create a classy, fun & unique show that is sure to make your event a memorable one.


Dance Styles

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Armenian Dance
Hot Bellydance Body
Bollywood Indian Dance
Samba Dancers
Brazilian Samba
Egypt Dance Saidi Fellahi Maleya
Egyptian Folk
Jazz for Dos Equis Event
Salsa Ballroom Latin Dance
Ballerina Ballet Dancer
Flamenco Fan Dance Castanets
Jewish Dance Hava Nagila
Persian Dance
Dabke Debke Lebanese Dancers
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Khaleegi Khaligi Iraq Persian Gulf Dance
Kalinka Dance Russian Gypsy Moldova

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