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Frequently Asked Questions

When you book Sahlala Dancers, you will be emailed a contract to review with further details. You will sign, date and return the contract with a deposit to secure the dancers for your event. Below are some of our most asked questions. Feel free to contact us with an further inquires you want answered.

Q1. How Far in Advance Should I book a show?

It is best to book your performance as far in advance as possible due to the dancers being in high demand (especially of you want a speciality act like fire)  But we sometimes to also have spots available for last minute performances and we will always do our best to accommodate your requests.


Q2. Can I pick which dancers I want to perform?

If you have a dancer in mind that you want to perform and she is available then we would be more than happy to book that dancer.  We have classy, professional, gracious and punctual dancers working with us, and when you book Sahlala Dancers for your event, we will always send the best dancers available.


Q3. Can I pick what songs they dance to?

 We usually have a set show.  If there is a special song you want included we can usually add it to the end of the show  when we do audience participation.  Or if it's a soloist, she can most likely do a solo to it.

If you song doesn't matter but you want a particular dance style we are more then happy to incorporate it into the show.


Q4. Can I tip the dancers?




The dancers always appreciate tips, however no tipping is allowed on the body.  You can either fan the money over the dancers while they perform or you can hand it to the dancer directly. 

Often, our clients will include a tip when they pay their balance or send an electronic tip through Venmo.

Q5. Do the dancers provide their own music?




The dancers will bring their music either on an iPod when they arrive for the show. It is connectable through auxiliary cord or bluetooth. The DJ or Band will then play their music for the show. It is a continuous setlist with no need to stop or start the music once the show has begun. If a USB stick is preferable, please let us know ahead of time.

Q6. How much does the show cost?

The rates depend on how many dancers you hire and how far they have to travel.  Please contact our office for a specific quote for your event.

Please keep in mind, you get what you pay for. We are the longest running, most professionally established international dance company in Los Angeles and provide authentic, unique and high quality shows. 


Q7. Can I dance with the dancers?




At the end of our group shows we usually will get guest up to dance.  In a solo show guests will be brought up to dance throughout the performance. If you want more interaction with our dancers and your guests, we can tailor our show to include a few choreographies and then spend the rest of the time dancing with your guests.

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