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Master Classes and Workshops
with Our Director
Jill Collins

With a vast professional career of teaching, performing and touring, Jill now offers a wide variety of workshop and masterclass topics that will enhance your next festival or event.


She's available to teach hybrid (offering in person and online options) in her home base of Los Angeles, CA or can travel to your city.


Read below for a full list of topics. 

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Full Topic List

  • Arabic Pop We've all heard that "one song" played at every Arabic you'll have a full routine in your pocket to surprise your guests! Choreography varies; past workshops include songs by: Amr Diab, Yuri Mkradi, Nancy Ajram, Fares Karam, Joseph Attieh, Najwa Karam

  • Ballet for Bellydancers Curious how some dancers perform with such grace, elegance and fluidity? Understanding ballet posture, alignment and basic ballet steps can help you develop those skills. Jill will break down ballet principals of posture and how to incorporate them into your Raqs Sharqi movement vocabulary through short combinations. Learn simple poses that will refine your bellydancing. No prior ballet experience necessary.

  • Beledi and Beyond Fresh from her studies in Egypt, Jill can’t wait to share her experiences dancing beledi! You’ll learn about the different sections in Beledi Ashara and movements that compliment the vibes of these sections. Part guided improvisation, part choreography, you’ll leave the workshop with a full routine to perform and an understanding of what beledi means. 

  • Bellydance 101 New to Bellydance? Want to introduce bellydance to your yoga retreat, corporate event, bridal shower or birthday party? Jill will teach you authentic basic moves in a simple, fun way that will have everyone shouting 'Yallah'! Hip scarves provided....great for all ages, genders and backgrounds. Also a great companion workshop to host as a "bring a friend" to bellydance.

  • Choreographing for the Stage Where does inspiration come from and how do you effectively translate that to the stage? This workshop gives you multiple resources to find inspiration and build a dance piece for a soloist, small group or big groups.  Learn what prep work Jill does before hitting the studio: Music Mapping, Motifs, Formations, Floor patterns and more! 

  • Egyptian Folk- Saiidi Style Let's head to Upper Egypt! Having a saiidi piece in your repertoire is key for any Raqs Sharqi dancer. Jill covers history, stylization, costuming, and prop ideas (Who knew there were so many cane options??) Can be tailored to teach a full choreography or assaya skills and drills. Cane or stick required for this workshop.

  • Fan Veils: Tricks, Tips and Technique This elegant prop has gained popularity in recent years and has become a staple in most dancers' repertoire. Jill's fan veil workshop takes inspiration from poi, giving you some creative movements to add to your vocabulary. You'll leave this workshop feeling inspired to add fan veils into your next routine! 

  • Finding Your Voice (Improvisation Skills) Developing your own style takes time, dedication and guidance. Structured improv is a great tool in finding your voice as an artist. It can be challenging and vulnerable, so Jill creates a safe space for you to feel free and discover your own style with her improv exercises. Great for solo dancers or groups seeking a deeper connection onstage.

  • Injury Prevention for Dancers Longevity is key in a dancer's life! Keeping your body strong and healthy is an art within itself. This workshop teaches proper warm ups/cool downs, restorative exercises and strengthening/stretching exercises. Bring your props like tennis balls, resistance bands and foam rollers.

  • Lyrical Bellydance Tap into the emotional side of performing with Lyrical Bellydance. One of Jill's favorite styles, this genre showcases flow, grace and power. You'll learn a full choreography, the meaning behind the lyrics, and how to translate your emotion onstage with facial expression technique.

  • Modern for Bellydancers Graham, Ailey, Laban, Taylor, Cunningham, Humphrey.... there are so many greats in modern dance it's hard to know where to begin your studies! Jill makes it easy by taking key principals of the elements of dance: time, space and energy and teaching you combinations that incorporate these concepts with Raqs Sharqi movements. Only requirement is an open mind!​​​​​​

  • Polish for Performance (Elements for Performing) Are you ready to take your choreography from practice to performance? It’s more than just remembering your routine! Polish Your Performance will give you rehearsal techniques to help better prepare you for an audience such as: transitions, eye focus, breathing, stability and much more! 

  • Prop Master: Veil Edition Veils are a quintessential part of bellydancing and there's more to it than meets the eye. You'll learn different techniques to hold your veil, turning technique and theory on how make your veil move in harmony with your body. This workshop is offered in: choreography, tricks, and double veil.

  • SharQuí: The Bellydance Workout  Is your regular workout routine feeling like old news? Not seeing results because your body has plateaued in your current fitness plan? Switch it up with SharQuí. SharQuí is what happens when authentic bellydance meets high energy fitness. This workout is great for fitness enthusiasts, professional dancers looking to build stamina, and anyone who wants some FUN in their next dance or fitness class. ​​


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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