The Full Story

Sahlala Dancers

Founded in 1999 by the internationally renowned Superstar of Bellydance, Jillina, this award-winning company is unrivaled in its authenticity and ingenuity. Now under the direction of Jill Collins, a long time Assistant Director of Sahlala, Jill brings an eye of classical elegance with her background in concert dance. Read more about our directors  Here

Mission Statement

We aim to set a standard of excellence through training, research and collaboration to create authentic productions that inspire and entertain. Our mission is to uphold the legacies of cultural dance and use our innovative creativity to carry these traditions into the future. 

Core Values

Respect and Tolerance through Education: We aim to demonstrate the commonalities of humanity by educating our audiences with our multi-cultural repertoire. 

Joining Communities: Dance is for all people. Our company uses dance to celebrate diversity and make it accessible to all ages, races, and gender identities.

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