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Flamenco & Spanish Fusion

This style of dance is commonly associated with Spain, but has roots from India and the Roma gypsies. Audiences agree our performers haveDuende Flamenco” a “special state of flamenco grace” that occurs in the artistic expression during the dancers’ performance.


Our flamenco fusion pieces incorporate traditional flamenco footwork with a stylized showmanship to add an exciting, passionate element to our international repertoire. Some dancers perform with castanets, (wooden percussion instruments) that enhance the rhythmical snaps of the fingers. Other flamenco elements include fans, the bata de cola (long ruffle train on a skirt) and the manton, a fringe shawl that is whipped around like a bull fighter’s cloak.


Sources: Anselmo González Climent, Sadler Wells Theater

Flamenco Feather Fans.jpg
Bata de Cola_edited.jpg
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