We specialize in dances from around the world so we can create a truly unique show that meets your individual needs.
Group Performance


For events where you want a group show, we can provide approx a 30 min performance with 3-10 dancers (depending on the size of your event and the availability of our dancers).


These performances are usually 7-8 different songs with 4-5 different costume changes.  They can be all bellydance or an international show to incorportate dances of the different cultures of your guests.


(See our list of styles for more details)

Solo Performance


For more intimate events we can provide one of our top soloists for a 20-30 min performance.  Our solo shows are all bellydance and usually 1-2 costumes.  They include audience participation to get you guests up and dancing with our soloist.


We can customize this show to fit your event.

Zeffa / Grand Entrance


If you would like the dancers to bring in the Bride & Groom or Guest of Honor, we can perform either Arabic or Persian entrances with the appropriate props for each entrance.




Drums, Zills



Mirror, Sugar, Candles, Incense

Events and Dance Styles


The Sahlala Dancers are available for:




•Corporate Events




•Bat/Bar Mitzvahs

•Wrap Parties

•Theme Parties

•Bridal Showers

•Music Videos/ Television/ Film



•Holiday Parties

•Bride & Groom Grand Entrance / Zeffa   (Arabic & Persian)

Dance Styles


International Dance Styles Include:


•Arabic – Bellydance

•Egyptian / Lebanese




•Baba Karam

•Classical Persian

•Persian Bandari





•Argentine Tango (Tango Couple - Additional Fees Apply)



•Salsa (Salsa - Additional Fees Apply)


•Jazz Fusion

•Saidii/Stick Dance

•Zills - Finger Cymbals

•Sword Dance

•Shamadon/Candelabra (Depending on venue restrictions)


•Fan Veils

•Fire Dance (Depending on venue restrictions- Additional Fees Apply)



Q: How far in advance should I book a show?


A: It is best to book your performance as far in advance as possible due to the dancers being in high demand.  But we sometimes to also have spots available for last minute performances.


Q: Can I pick what dancers perform?


A: If you have a dancer in mind that you want to perform and she is available then we would be more then happy to book that dancer.  But we will always send the best dancers available.


Q: Can I pick what songs they dance to?


A: We usually have a set show.  If there is a special song you want included we can usually add it to the end of the show  when we do audience participation.  Or if it's a soloist, she can most likely do a solo to it.

If you song doesn't matter but you want a particular dance style we are more then happy to incorporate it into the show.


Q: Can I tip the dancers?


A: Yes! The dancers always appreciate tips, however no tipping is allowed on the body.  You can either fan the money over the dancers while they perform or you can hand it to the dancer directly.


Q: Do the dancers provide their own music?


A: Yes!  The dancers will bring their music either on a CD or iPod when they arrive for the show.  The DJ or Band will then play their music for the show.


Q: How much does the show cost?


A: The rates depend on how many dancers you hire and how far they have to travel.  Please contact our office or a specific quote for your event.


Q: Can I dance with the dancers?


A: Yes!  At the end of our group shows we usually will get guest up to dance.  In a solo show guests will be brought up to dance througout the performance.


Q: Can I go see the dancers perform live?


A: Yes!  The dances perform every Friday and Saturday night a Carousel Restaurant in Glendale, CA and Ocean Cafe in Granada Hills, CA.  They also perform every Saturday night at Premier Restaurant in Studio City.

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